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"I Dont Need Help, Is This Even For Me"

    Yep, I know that line well. If I had a crutch or deadly sin it would likely be pride. I know well the pride of not liking to except that you aren't doing well, that you aren't happy, or that you need help. The feeling of being helpless or needing a handout. Over the years what I learned though is everyone makes mistakes and "everybody needs somebody sometime". The more I stepped into peoples lives and helped the more I learned that you build relationships through help, you dont show weakness you create strength. 

     Have you ever been stuck in a game or with an issue. Someone just happens to be watching you or come by and says "why dont you just...." and the solution they give is the simpliest thing. You ask yourself why in the world did I not think of that!? That's exactly why everyone could use a coach. Even the richest people with the most recourses have coaches. This is because different perspectives and advise can unlock things you didn't even know were possible or think could be done. 

In essense if you reflect on your life and you feel something is missing, that something just isn't right in the following areas than you've come to the right place:

  1. Finances
  2. Relationships
  3. Work Life
  4. Goals
  5. Physical Health

What Makes Me Qualified To Help You Anyway?

We both know you dont want to sit here and read this long drawn out thing. So I'll hit bullet points and we can always talk further about points of interested to you later. Deal?

  1.  Graduated from the University of Washington with a history major and no idea of what in the world I was going to do
  2.  I was a paraprofessional that assistant taught 4 classes and did the grading for 6. But was let go after a year because the district hit a 20% budget cut and I was the newbie.
  3. With no clue what to do I turned to sales to hopefully make some kind of money. Turns out I was great at it. I sold 20 cars month in month out. Not because I was a great sales guy but because I was HONEST. 
  4. I just honestly wanted to help my clients and let them know I was a laid off paraprofessional that just wanted to do my best and help them however possible. I told them what cars they wanted to avoid like the plague even it was their dream car that would have many me tons of money.

  1. My years of sales led me to filling in on a logistics position. This was due to the fact that the person would be going on vacation. I was so good at that job they hired me to replace him (which was not my intention but i'm sure he wasn't happy). 
  2. I went on from there to be the Customs and Logistics Manager for the company for years. Buidling relationships and skills with Logistics, transportation, business management, working with business owners, managing a team, sales, Customs and Boarder Protection, along with working along side U.S Government Agents. 

  1. At this time I also got into the field of non-profit work and created one of my own. Not know what the heck went into it and what I was doing. All I really knew is I had a pull in my heart to help people.
  2. I started to give to anyone and everyone I could. Wherever and however I could. Bringing food mainly to those that couldn't afford it themselves. Sometimes toys for children or clothes. Sometimes it was just decorations for Christmas. 
  3. I soon learned that creating a non-profit was not for me. I honestly had no clue what I was doing and the real reason I was doing it was just to help people. I saw many and touched many that needed help. However, I saw A LOT of people that didn't need help and just knew i'd give to them and it wore me down. The hardest moment for me was when I went to deliver food to one family. As I walked in to drop thier food I looked over and saw thier entire dinning room table FULL (I mean it, FULL) of drugs. All I could think about is, how is me dropping food helping these people that obviously need a bigger change then giving them food so they can spend on something else. I didn't want to just touch peoples lives occassionally or with just food. I realized I wanted to help people make a TRUE change in thier lives. This was a turning point.

  1. At this time interesting things starting to happen. I began being asked to come to different events.
  2. These events opened up my eyes to networking. Learning about people, thier jouneys, where they came from, and where they were headed. 
  3. Not only learning what drove them but also what drove me to do things as well as what drove others. 

  1. At this point not only was I asked to events, I started to be asked to SPEAK at events!
  2. Now, i'll admit in college I did take one...ONE speach class. However, I never thought that would lead to actually speaking at events and I certainly didn't think I was any kind of expert. I'm still not. 
  3. Yet again what I started to realize is though they were typically small to mid-sized events, nothing crazy, what I REALLY enjoyed was making a difference to people. Seeing them nod and agree, seeing them laugh, or seeing them with this look of just "ah haw! That's it! That's what I was missing!"

  1. At this point I know I wanted to help people that was for sure. It's funny, because as a small child my mom would ask what are you going to be when you grow up. I would always say "i'm going to help people". She would ask how and I'd say "a doctor or something". 
  2. However, I also knew I wanted to do something of my own. Not knowing at all what that "thing" was. I decided since (at the time) Spokane didn't have things like Uber Eats or doordash. I decided I would start my own business deliverying not just food but all things to people that needed it. 
  3. At first it was amazing! I was the only guy in town doing this. I was in the Spokesman on the News, helping people with employment, helping people get what they wanted when they couldn't or when they were busy. 
  4. However, with time and publicity comes competition. Soon uber eats made it's way to town. With them coming in not only did I learn Food Services was not a passion at all of mine but they also easily enveloped my little operation and middled me out. My first BIG, legitament fail. 
  5. However with that fail came experience and knowledge of business, competiton, and mainly the things NOT to do. Also what I DIDN'T like which was good. 

  1. Around this time I met my wife Sarah and her three little "minions" seen here: Jackson, Abby, and Alyssa.
  2. A year after our fated meeting we welcomed our son, my first, Killian to the family. When people say you change and priorities become clear when you have a child IT'S TRUE. 
  3. I realized at this point that I wanted to be with my family. I wanted to see my child grow. Wanted to see ALL the first crawling, walking, talking etc. 
  4. As I was still doing customs and logistics the thought kept eating at me everyday that I wanted something we could do as a family for work. Much like the owners of the business I was at. As much as I loved the folks I worked with, loved the 6 DIGIT INCOME. I did NOT want to be on call all the time, working from dark to dark, missing my son grow. 

  1. Thus our family business was born! We even made the logo with our baby Killian in it! He was the reason for the whole venture. It began with us just reselling things like mainy do. However, it slowly formed into a legitimate auction business. 
  2. The start was rough, going from a 6 figure income to 0 and starting with a new business and no base. Many items that were worth decent money went for close to nothing. There were nights I was literally up until 6am. 
  3. While Sarah ran the business I would sleep. She would sleep and I would wake up. Never ending cycle for years. 
  4. Then as of last year we did over $300,000 in sales and growing