One Time Phone Session

This plan is for those just wanting a quick one time chat. There are those that prefer to just chat when needed not on going.

-Single One Time Phone Chat

-Each meeting will be 30 minutes

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(30 minute) Phone Session

Testing The Water

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(1 Month) Testing The Waters

This plan is for those having a hard time taking the first step. The first step is always the hardest. You're not sure if you can change, and you're scared to try something new. I can help you with that. Try a few coaching sessions where we figure out what's holding you back and how to overcome it.
     -one month of coaching consisting of 4 in person meetings
     -each meeting will be one hour

Let's Make Some Changes

This option is for those that are ready to make some changes but still not wanting anything long term.

     -This is 3 months of in person coaching

     -4 sessions a month

     -each session will be 1 hour

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(3 months) Let's Make Some Changes

I'm All In

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(1 year) I'm All In

This is for those that are truly dedicated and committed to making a decision to improve your life. Those that are DONE, sick and tired of getting the same as you have been day after day. That are ready for a more fulfilling life from this day forward.

     -1 year of in person coaching

     -4 sessions a month

     -each session one hour long

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